Quality Safety Environment

Servizi Italia, for conducting its business, is bound to observe the provisions of environmental legislation for what concerns:

  • Emissions into the atmosphere: the Company has been authorised, by competent bodies, to emit into the atmosphere fumes produced by thermal power plants and chimneys of all production sites;
  • Water, withdrawals and discharges: Servizi Italia has been authorized, by competent bodies, official authorizations to for discharging waste water from production processes for all production sites;
  • Waste management at each manufacturing plant in which waste is produced: the Company updates a register of charge/discharge with all information on quality and quantity characteristics of waste and presents regular mandatory annual declaration to the local Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft and Agricultural.

For what concerns the use of chemicals, Servizi Italia gives preference to suppliers with environmental certification; in addition, bacteriological analysis of water are constantly carried out and up to now no non-compliance cases have been registered.
Servizi Italia’s targets in terms of quality, safety and environment can be broadly summarized as follows:

  • Evaluate the possibility of supplying electricity from renewable energy sources;
  • Limit water consumption and implement additional forms of intervention for energy saving;
  • Prepare, in accordance with local communities, compensation forms for what concerns negative externalities (for example green areas sponsorships).