Code of Conduct - Model 231

Servizi Italia, since 2006, has adopted its own Model of Organisation, Management and Control, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231 of 8 June 2001 and its own Code of Ethics.

The Code of Ethics for Services Italy identifies the general rules of conduct that must be observed by its directors and employees with the aim of ensuring the proper functioning of all aspects of the company's management in terms of social, ethical and environmental responsibility.

The Model 231 adopted by Servizi Italia is aimed at governing all the decision-making and operational phases of the business activity, based on legality, transparency, correctness and compliance with the rules.

In compliance with the provisions of art. 6, paragraph 2-bis of the Decree, SERVIZI ITALIA has set up the following reporting channels through which the persons mentioned in art. 5, paragraph 1, letters a) and b) of the Decree may submit, for the protection of the Company, detailed reports relating to:

  • unlawful conduct relevant to the Decree and based on precise and consistent factual elements;
  • violations of the model of which they have become aware in relation to the functions performed. 

Reports must be sent in written form, addressed to the Supervisory Board and sent by certified e-mail to or sent in a sealed envelope to the following address:

Servizi Italia S.p.A. - C.A. Supervisory Body
via S. Pietro, 59/b - 43019 Castellina di Soragna (PR) - ITALY

The Supervisory Body also makes available to company representatives and third parties the following e-mail address in order to quickly resolve cases of doubt, with reference to the documentation prescribed in the individual Special Sections according to the procedures contemplated therein, to any other information of any kind, including from third parties and relating to the implementation of the Model in areas of activity at risk.