The Group's organization is aimed at a management unification of the different business functions, in particular through the optimization and standardization of operational processes while improving the level of service provided.

The company organization is functional, lean, characterized by two line functions (Sales Management and Operations Management) and relevant staff functions to support the business.

The organizational evolution of the group, over the years, suffered substantial changes in its functions as a result of the extraordinary operations of company acquisitions, mergers, incorporations and the quotation on the Italian Stock Exchange.

The policy adopted by Servizi Italia in respect of companies acquired and belonging to the Group, is based on respect and appreciation of any cultural difference and way of management.

Here below the organizational chart of the Group.


Company Name Headquarter Share Capital
Servizi Italia S.p.A. Castellina di Soragna (PR) - Italy Parent Company
Lavanderia Industriale Z.B.M. S.p.A. Arco (TN) - Italy 100%
Servizi Italia Medical S.p.A. Spino D’Adda (CR) - Italy 100%
SRI Empreendimentos e Participações L.t.d.a. São Paolo, State of São Paolo – Brazil 100%
SI.GI Servizi Ospedalieri s.r.l. Piacenza - Italy 100%
Se.Sa.Tre. S.c.r.l. Genova - Italy 60%
San Martino 2000 S.c.r.l. Genova - Italy 60%
Lavsim Higienização Têxtil S.A. São Roque, State of São Paolo – Brazil 50%(*)
Maxlav Lavanderia Especializada S.A. Jaguariúna, State of São Paolo – Brazil 50.1%(*)
Vida Lavanderias Especializada S.A. Santana de Parnaiba, State of São Paolo – Brazil 50.1%(*)
Aqualav Serviços de Higienizaçao Ltda

*held through SRI Empreendimentos e Participações L.t.d.a.

Associates and Joint-Ventures

Company Name Headquarter Share Capital
Centro Italia Servizi S.r.l. Arezzo - Italy 50%
PSIS S.r.l. Padova - Italy 50%
Ekolav S.r.l. Lastra a Signa (FI) - Italy 50%
Steril Piemonte S.c.r.l. Torino - Italy 50%
AMG S.r.l. Busca (CN) - Italy 50%
Iniziative Produttive Piemontesi S.r.l. Torino - Italy 37,62%
Piemonte Servizi Sanitari S.c.r.l. Torino - Italy 30%
SE.STE.RO. S.r.l. Castellina di Soragna (PR) - Italy 25%
CO.SE.S S.c.r.l. Perugia - Italy 25%
SAS Sterilizasyon Servisleri A.Ş. Istanbul - Turkey 51%
Shubhram Hospital Solutions Private Limited New Delhi - India 51%