In order to be a leader in different core sectors and look to an international development, the Group is aimed by big perspectives and projects thanks to the supplying of services and infrastructures for the environmental and socoio-economic sustainability, in full accordance to the law, for generating value in a continuous way, thanks to some clear development strategies. 

The main strategic guidelines of the Group include the following five main targets:

1. Strenghtening of the leadership in Italy

  • Contracts awarding and cross-selling opportunities;
  • Customer retention activities;
  • Acquisition of new target companies.

2. Strengthening in established markets and further geographical expansion 

  • Development and consolidation of the business model in Brazil and Turkey;
  • Development and growth in other areas (India, Albania, Morocco). 

3. Management optimization

  • Operational and organisational efficiency in order to maintain margins and profitability.

4. Development and focus on other value-added services.

  • Contribute to Company's development and environment protection by integrating social and environmental concerns in the industrial strategies and interactions with stakeholders. 

5. Align the organizational model to the development strategy of the Group, training and skills development.