SI in the world

Since 2012, Servizi Italia has started its international development. The acquisition of Lavsim Higienização Têxtil S.A., a Brazilian company based in São Roque in the State of São Paolo – Brazil, set the stage for the development of the Servizi Italia Group in Brazil and allowed to begin to guard the Brazilian market, which is characterized by a growth rate among the highest in the world and therefore it has enormous potentialities. 

The operation also started a strategy of development of production sites specialized in laundry innovative technologies, using and enhancing an important reservoir of valuable local resources.

In the countries where it is active, Servizi Italia has found some interesting features in order to export its business model:

  • Presence of recent markets currently under heavy development and looking for qualified operators in order to meet the high demand connected to wash-hire/sterilization activities, partly due to an increase of the so-called medical tourism;
  • High penetration rate in the market: only a few of wash-hire services are currently outsourced to private operators, both in public and private healthcare;
  • Low competitiveness: average operators are small, with low self-financing capacity and inefficient management models.
  • Old fashioned laundry plants, lacking of an industrial management model with real opportunity to make efficiency by exporting technical management of the business models adopted by the Group.

Thanks to the various acquisitions in Italy and the international development process, Servizi Italia has assumed the characteristics of a real multinational industrial group, improving its performances in terms of cross-selling on multi-year contracts acquired by incorporated or associated companies, expanding its customer base and strengthening its leadership position in the sector.