The Group commits itself for consolidating the investments made in the areas where it is operating, as well as for achieving important management efficiency targets in order to maintain and improve business margins and profitability.

Servizi Italia’s future development target is to consolidate its leadership basing on an integrated service system  of textile wash-hire, sterilization and connected services, supply of procedural kits; the idea is to improve the management of surgical centers (infrastructures, medical and surgical devices, procurement processes) through a series of activities aimed at ensuring high level services for patients and people using welfare and hospital services, in particular:

  • Improve Italian area coverage by acquiring new customers through the participation in tenders called by hospitals or through trade agreements or take-overs/mergers of other businesses in sector;
  • Ability to take the opportunities arising from the evolution of customers’ needs through cross-selling activities on laundry and rental contracts relating to high added value services of sterilization and supply of surgical procedure sets;
  • Possible expansion on new geographical markets with high development potential both in Italy and abroad;
  • Organizational stability, efficiency and reliability rooted and spread throughout the local area;
  • Development of management risk systems and internal control on processes;
  • Safety on workplace, personnel travel risk & international safety, environmental sustainability;
  • Staff motivation and professionalism with skills development.