Servizi Italia was founded in 1986 as a company operating in planning, construction and installation of industrial laundries and wash-hire services. Since the very first beginning, Servizi Italia’s activity consisted in providing renting, cleaning and sterilization of textile and surgical instruments on behalf of public and private hospitals and social care structures. 

Servizi Italia has an history made of acquisitions and great restructurings, whose growth has been developed along with the evolution of market for services to healthcare facilities. 

In 2002, the 100% of Servizi Italia’s share capital was purchased by Coopservice S.c.p.a.: This event represented a real turning point in the evolution of the company, enabling it to consolidate its position in the market through commercial and operational synergies with a group firmly rooted in the context of health services throughout the country. 

Over the years, Servizi Italia has focused its resources in the field of sterilization (initially only linen and then surgical instruments too), sensing - with ahead of the market - the future development and the potential for high profitability.

The company, listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since April 2007, in 2009 received the STAR qualification, reserved to stocks with high performance, and went up to the attention of the international financial community. 

In 2011 the Company opened a new production site in Genova Bolzaneto, the most modern industrial laundry plant in Europe, where all the highest levels of technology and automation can be found. 

Since 2012, the Company has started the international development of the Group, acquiring the 50% of Lavsim Higienização Têxtil S.A, a Brazilian laundry active in the State of Sao paolo; other acquisitions follow (Maxlav Lavanderia Especializada S.A. and Vida Lavanderias Especializada S.A., both at 50.1%) which allowed to strengthen the presence and the development on the market (July 2013).  

In 2012, Servizi Italia has also acquired the remaining 25% of Padana Everest and the 100% of Lavanderia Industriale ZBM S.p.A., which allowed to be present in Trentino Alto Adige and added to the production platform the plant located in Arco, in the area of Trento. 

At a later time, both Padana Everest (November 2014) and Lavanderia Industruale ZBM (March 2015) have been merged by incorporation into Servizi Italia; this operation allowed a reorganization of the Servizi Italia Group, achieving a greater efficiency and managerial integration, as well as a reduction in administrative costs. 

After Brazil, the internationalization process of the Group developed in Turkey and India, where two new companies have been establisjed (SAS Sterilizasyon Servisleri in Turkey and Shubhram Hospital Solutions in India); the two companies deals respectively with sterilization and laundry. 

Again with a view of international development, in 2014 a share capital increase reserved to STERIS Corporation has been approved (August 2014 and March 2016) which, through Steris UK Holding, became shareholder of Servizi Italia. The operation includes an industrial and commercial cooperation for the development of sterilization projects in Italy and abroad. 
In 2015, Servizi Italia acquired the remaining 50% of Lavsim and the 100% of the Brazilian company Aqualav; thanks to these operations and the investments in fact of technology and innovation, Servizi Italia becomes the reference operator in the area of Sao Paolo. 

At the same time, in ocotber 2015, the closing for acquiring the 40% of Ankateks was signed. Ankateks is a main Turkish operator, known as “Ankara Laundry”, which is active in the area of Ankara and Izmir and providing laundry services mainly to private healthcare facilities. In May 2016, the Company exercised the option to acquire a further 15% of the capital of Turkish company Ankateks, coming to hold, from July 2017 on, control over the Group and consolidating its position on the Turkish market.

In December 2015, Servizi Italia has been awarded with a 10-year contract for providing sterilization services (as well as maintenance, renting, management of the CSSD and supply of reusable devices) to all the hospitals of Albania. For this purpose, Servizi italia established a new company owning its 30% and being the main shareholder. 

In February 2016 the Company announced the agreement for the acquisition of 100% of Tintoria Lombarda: this acquisition is in line with the growth plan of the company and strengthens Servizi Italia position in Italy, as leader of the sector. In February 2017, Tintoria Lombarda Divisione Sanitaria S.r.l. was merged into Servizi Italia S.p.A. The merger also foresaw the cessation of productive activities provided by the Barbariga site (Brescia, Italy), which have been moved to other laundry sites with available production capacity and, in agreement with trade unions, the reallocation of part of the power work in other production sites.

In February 2017, the Company launched a company in Morocco with the primary goal of developing and consolidating the surgical sterilization business through Moroccan law firm Servizi Italia Marocco S.a.r.l. To this end, Servizi Italia purchased 51.0% of IServizi Sanitari Integrati Marocco S.a.r.l., a company which signed a preliminary agreement for the establishment of Servizi Italia Marocco S.a.r.l, which will be held 50% by them and 50% by the local partner Blue Field Healthcare S.a.r.l.

In July 2017, the merger by incorporation of the wholly owned subsidiary Servizi Italia Medical S.r.l. in Servizi Italia S.p.A. was approved. The operation, which will run from 1 October 2017, will have fiscal and accounting effects as of 1 January 2017.

In September 2017, the Company acquired the majority share capital of Steritek S.p.A., the leading Italian operator in validation activities of sterilization services, surgical instruments washing systems and ancillary services for healthcare facilities. With this operation, Servizi Italia diversifies its existing business lines by expanding its range of services in high value-added services which are similar to its sterilization activities. 

In March 2018, the expansion in Brazil continued with the establishment of a new company under Brazilian law, SIA LAVANDERIAS S.A. providing wash-hire services dedicated to public and private health in Manaus, in the State of Amazonas. The operation involves the "green-field" construction of a high-tech industrial laundry production site, with the strategic objective of further consolidating the Group's presence in new geographical areas of Brazil.