Linen sterilization

Textile sterilization, which has as its goal in the complete elimination of any vital organ from a medical device through an automatic sequence of operational steps performed in a sterilizer (the so-called "sterilization cycle") regarding sterile sets used in surgery for preparing the surgical field and dressing of the medical team. Textiles, once used , are collected, refurbished , subjected to sterilization process and then returned as a set to the operating theatres for a new use.

Sets consist of traditional textile articles and/or Technical Reusable Fabric (TTR ), as well as accessory parts in disposable material such as scrubs and sheets used for the surgical activity

The proposal for managing the different needs of a surgical intervention, using technical textile material (RTT) and accessory parts in disposable material, allows Servizi Italia to keep up with the standards that have settled for the quality and kinds of covers to be used in operating rooms.

The recomposition of a textile kit is based on the guidelines agreed with the operative sector, by virtue of the specific needs of the surgeries through customized solutions and with the assistance of specialized technical personnel of Servizi Italia. Sterilization is made in centrals attached to laundry production sites; textiles, once refurbished, are packaged in kits and subjected to the sterilization process in accordance with local regulations concerning medical devices, ensuring the traceability of the process/product through the use of an appropriate information systems and thanks to specific barcodes or other technological systems that allow to automatically identify all the devices.

Servizi Italia, for the transport activities of Sterile Medical Devices, is supported by qualified companies which put at customers’ disposal dedicated resources and personnel suitable for this kind of activity.