Servizi Italia is the leading Italian operator in the integrated services of rental, cleaning and sterilization of textile and surgical instrument for healthcare and public and private hospitals. The broad diversification of the range of services has allowed Servizi Italia to position itself as a strategic partner and privileged interlocutor of the hospitals in the management of health services. Business decisions made by the Company in recent years and the subsequent articulation of services offered in the three business areas have anticipated the trends of public healthcare system, going towards the progressive outsourcing of health services (through integrated service contracts, restructuring of CSSD and management of related services) and to the increased use of project financing in the construction of hospitals.


Washing and hire of flat linen (sheets, sleepers, blankets), packed clothes (gowns, scrubs, hospital uniforms), mattresses and pillows.


Sterilization Reusable Textile for operators gowns, towels and procedural kits for surgical activities, as well as accessory parts for disposable material.


CSSD management with provision of washing, packaging and sterilization services for surgical instruments and accessories for operating theaters.
Design, installation and renovation of CSSDs located at contracting stations.
Services for clinical engineering of validation and systematic control of sterilization processes and surgical instrument washing systems.