Why choosing Servizi Italia?

Because it is a reliable, highly experienced  partner, able to offer an impeccable service ever.

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New wash-hire solutions

Wash-hire represents Servizi Italia's core business di Servizi Italia. Textiles and mattresses rented to the customer are collected and refurbished in industrial laundries of the company and then returned to be used again.

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New solutions for textile sterilization

The sterilization of textile concerns sterile kits used in surgery for the preparation of the operative field and the dressing of the team.

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Healthcare main partner for what concerns wash-hire, linen sterilization and surgical instruments sterilization


A lean, efficient organizational structure covering all strategic business areas enables the Company to offer its customers a bespoke service, often ahead of their own needs.

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With more than 50,000 beds served, Servizi Italia Group is the leading operator in the field of integrated services for hospitals.
Linen Sterilization
A team of technicians in constant cooperation with the medical team allows to keep up with reference standards that have standardized the quality and coverage of individual types of surgeries.
Surgical Instruments Sterilization
The sterilization of surgical instruments is the service offered with the highest added value.

Latest News


Publication of half-year Financial Report as at 30th June 2015

It is here announced that the Half-year Financial Report at 30th June 2015, as approved by the Board of Directors on 7th August 2015, is now available to the public at the registered office of the Com...


The Board of Directors approves the half-year report as at June 30, 2015

The Board of Directors of Servizi Italia S.p.A., Italian leader for outsourcing of hospital sanitary services and listed on the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange, today approved the 2015 Half...