Why choosing Servizi Italia?

Because it is a reliable, highly experienced  partner, able to offer an impeccable service ever.

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New wash-hire solutions

Wash-hire represents Servizi Italia's core business di Servizi Italia. Textiles and mattresses rented to the customer are collected and refurbished in industrial laundries of the company and then returned to be used again.

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New solutions for textile sterilization

The sterilization of textile concerns sterile kits used in surgery for the preparation of the operative field and the dressing of the team.

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Healthcare main partner for what concerns wash-hire, linen sterilization and surgical instruments sterilization

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Publication of Information Document on RPT

Servizi Italia advises that the Information Document concerning a transaction of major importance with a related party is now available to the public at the registered office of the Company, at Bors...


The BoD approves a transaction of major importance with a related party

As of today, the Board of Directors has approved a major importance transaction with Focus S.p.A., a related party because 100% owned by Coopservice Soc.coop.p.a. which, through the 100% controlled co...


Washing and hire of flat linen (sheets, sleepers, blankets), packed clothes (gowns, scrubs, hospital uniforms), mattresses and pillows.


Sterilization Reusable Textile for operators gowns, towels and procedural kits for surgical activities, as well as accessory parts for disposable material.


Collection, conditioning, maintenance and sterilization of surgical instruments, kits recomposition and management of the CSSD